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Nissan VDC

Nissan Vehicle Dynamic Control System (VDC) Active Stability Assist

To build driver confidence, Nissan developed three functions using the VDC system for smooth operations and behavior.

* Cornering Stability Assist
* Brake Force Distribution
* Rise-up & Build-up

Cornering Stability Assist

System Configuration
Depending on the driver's steering, acceleration and braking, the system optimize control of braking and engine torque on each of the four wheels.

nissan Vehicle dynamic control steering
nissan VDC steering angle control

Brake Force Distribution

The advanced EBD system senses the load condition – of both passengers and luggage – to optimize rear brake force and control front and rear brake distribution for better braking effectiveness. It gives you the confidence of advanced braking control for safer, stress-free driving – whether you are on your own or carrying a full load of people and gear.

Rise-up & Build-up

Rise-up & Build-up is a system that senses driving demands based on the driver's steering and acceleration/braking patterns, and individually controls the braking to help smooth vehicle response

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